About Us

About Overlanders 4x2 Tours

Welcome to the home of Overlanders 4×2 tours.  A place where passion for travel and the beauty of Africa  joins people on an unforgettable journey through untamed, breath taking scenery in your 4×2 vehicle.

As the owner of the Tour & Safari Company, and having many years of travelling under my belt, we understand the frustrations that can make a trip less than perfect, and also appreciate the value of money without compromising on the quality of the adventure!

Overlanders 4×2 started during one of my tours through the far ends of Southern Africa.  I realized that there are so many people that dream about experiencing the untamed, breath-taking scenery but feel that it is out of their reach because they do not own a 4×4 vehicle.  This, while none of my travel group, at that stage, had a 4×4.

That’s when I decided to offer self-drive 4×2 Safari Tours in beautiful South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.  Please make sure that your 4×2 vehicle has good ground clearance.

Our tour and accommodation options are:

(All our tours are self-driven)

  • Camping

  • Self Catering Chalets

  • Personalized Group Tours

  • Luxury Tours

Food and drinks are excluded in our travel prices.  

So pack your cooler bags and join us on our next adventure through Southern Africa!

Hope to see you soon.